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I am Megan French 33 years old. Expert in Nuru, Tantra and Body Massage in Dubai 

Nuru Massage with add on

1 hour 1000 AED to 1500 AED

  1. Erotic, Nuru & Sensual Massage Dubai- In today’s busy days and hectic lifestyle, it is not easy to avoid stress, tension, and conflicts. These factors, alone or together, can contribute, among other maladies, to poor health, depression, gloom. Introducing good relaxation techniques and rituals, such as full body massages with a pretty masseuse therapist, and maintaining them regularly in your life will improve your overall mood, performance in both professional and private life, and will promote good physical and mental health. If that is not enough for you to implement them in your life, massages are a superb way to unwind, and let time slow down for the pure joy of being sensually touched.
            Yume Nuru Massage, our very own massage parlour in London,             invites you to bask in the old-fashioned art of relaxation. We are a             premier London massage parlour committed to using nuru in order             to give you a one-of-a-kind experience with a tranquil and soothing             atmosphere to induce relaxation and a sense of disconnection from             the frenzied world.

We demand an extremely high standard for taste and cleanliness, and this is why we are able to accommodate even the most discerning clients. We are detail oriented and take note of even the tiniest detail to make sure that we maintain a hygienic and immaculately clean environment. Each session promises a no-rush, bodily experience, and this is a truly ideal example of a great escape to the reality. Try our nuru massage; we are very sure you will be coming back for me.

  1. Complete Relaxation, Enjoyment and Unique Experience- Mystery and warmth is a perfect blend incorporated in a woman’s touch. That is why we put emphasis on a calming and peaceful environment where you can unwind without a worry. That is also something a beautiful masseuse, which you will choose according to your tastes and desires, can help you with. We can cater to everyone tastes, as our working team includes many very beautiful and exotic massage therapists. They are all very skilled and more than capable to have you relish in the moment. As imaginative and playful as they can be, you can indulge in being constantly pleased with their performance.
        Our nuru massages are a unique experience that cannot be replicated         by any other. They will help you relieve your stress, anxieties, muscle         soreness, pains and aches. Our gorgeous, very talented and trained         massage therapists will guide you to achieve complete relaxation, so         you will enjoy every moment of your session and forget every worry.

Every inch of your body will be touched with warmth and fondness, giving you your much-needed relaxation and enjoyment. Nuru massage treatment means a chosen massage therapist will apply on you and herself nuru massage gel that will make body contact easier. She will slide her hands, forearms and eventually the whole body on yours to untangle all the knots in your body; she will massage your muscles for you to get rid of all the possible aches you have. This will ensure you reach a peaceful state of mind, become relaxed and enjoy every single second you get being pampered and catered to.

  1. High-class Luxury Massage Services - Guarantee Peace, Privacy and Discretion- We are a high-class Dubai massage agency that exercises full privacy and subtlety. You can be assured all information and interactions that will occur will be and remain confidential. This, of course, doesn’t mean you need to keep our outstanding services provided a well guarded secret, and you are encouraged to share your experiences with us and recommend us further.
    Yet nuru massages are not the only service we provide. You can choose     to have body to body, tantric, or sensual massage instead. All our     masseuses are trained within (but not limited to) these treatments as     well. As our customer, you are entitled to voice out all your wishes and we     will strive to make them reality. The body to body massage will get you to     another level of being pleasured; it is similar, yet very different to full body     nuru massage. Tantric massages are performed with our qualified     masseuses who are able to make you experience all of this ancient art     that has survived and flourished to these days. Sensual massage will let     you enjoy the best of a relaxing massage and a sensual, very attractive,     and skilled masseuse.

We look forward you to having a session with our beautiful and very impatient masseuses, so to make a booking, to get more information, or to leave us feedback, contact us.